California Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

If you’re looking for affordable California Obamacare quotes, the search is never easy without an easy way to compare rates, especially if you want to view them side-by-side in one place. Thankfully, there is a way to see which health insurance plans in California qualify for Obamacare subsidies and cost-sharing benefits and which don’t count. The trick is to know the basic terms to get the best prices and the right benefits package for your health care needs.

If you plan to use your insurance a lot, the worst thing you can do is buy insurance with an expensive $1,000-dollar deductible and a higher-than-necessary copay amount. But the good news is that Obamacare plans in California are still affordable and provide the ten essential health services that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has mandated since 2010. To make the whole process easier on you, here’s what you need to know to make the best choice when comparing quotes for California health insurance plans.

Is California Obamacare different from regular Obamacare?

The term “Obamacare” is misleading because health coverage has nothing to do with the former President of the United States and everything to do with your right to affordable health coverage. The ACA isn’t health care reform per se; it’s health insurance reform and changed the way that you qualify for and pay for health coverage.

For California residents, the law makes it much, much easier to afford insurance if your employer doesn’t already provide it. Also, before the ACA became law, insurance companies were able to deny you initial coverage based on pre-existing conditions that you didn’t even know you had. Prior to the ACA’s passing, your insurance could charge you tens of thousands of dollars for care – and sometimes much more!

But today, the ACA puts in place financial safeguards to make insurance more affordable to a more significant proportion of Americans. The net effect is that the price of health coverage nationally will fall over time and eventually lead to universal coverage.

Along those lines, one way that the ACA will accomplish this goal is to incentivize states to make their own health insurance marketplaces in addition to the federal “Obamacare” marketplace. That’s why California Obamacare plans are different and, technically, not Obamacare because California created a Covered California program when the ACA passed.

So, if you live in California, you can purchase an Obamacare-like insurance package via Covered California, but it won’t necessarily be an Obamacare plan. States are still able to pass their own laws regulating the health insurance market; the ACA specifies the minimum amount of health services and provides a mechanism for cost-sharing and a few other restrictions like an out-of-pocket maximum.

Thus, if you buy a health plan through Covered California, you can also take advantage of federal subsidies because the program complies with Uncle Sam’s standards.

What goes into the price of a health plan in California?

Simply put, you’ll pay more for health insurance in California, and the reasons are many. Every region of the U.S. has unique market conditions and different levels of demand for the same pool of customers. So, in a very populous state like California, it’s very likely that you’ll end up paying more for the same coverage offered in another state. Although that’s the general rule, there are other ways to offset the price of care, mainly through federal subsidies that you claim on your annual tax return.

If your income falls below a certain percentage of the poverty line, you’ll qualify for more cost-sharing mechanisms, but the benefits fade out the more income you earn. That’s the gist of Obamacare. You buy ACA-approved health plans and use the federal government’s subsidies and cost-sharing to lower the price overall. The challenge is finding a way to compare health quotes without visiting dozens of websites to compare rates manually.

Where can you go to compare California Obamacare health insurance plans?

That said, where is the best place to compare quotes, out-of-pocket expenses, and copays?

The answer is to visit and use their platform to see prices side-by-side without the need to go to multiple websites. It’s an online marketplace that makes it easy to find health plans in California if you still don’t know a lot about Covered California.

All you need to do to get started is fill out a short questionnaire and your basic contact information.

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