Florida Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

Florida Obamacare Health Insurance Plans

Overall, Florida boasts one of the highest enrollment rates for Obamacare in the entire country, and Florida Obamacare health insurance plans always cover the full range of essential benefits.

Price-wise, Florida residents pay premiums and deductibles on par with other states nearby. But the major difference is in how many people are taking advantage of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) provisions, such as subsidies and other cost-sharing reductions.

Besides, the process of searching for Florida health insurance is the same as in other parts of the country. The only real difference is in how you compare plans and whether or not you can see them side-by-side before you make a choice. Still, we understand how difficult it can be to sort through the red tape when it comes to health insurance, so here’s what you need to know if you live in Florida and need affordable health coverage.

What’s the whole point of Florida Obamacare health plans in the first place?

Without a doubt, there’s so much noise and consternation about Obamacare that we’ve lost sight of what the law actually does. Passed in 2010, the ACA changes how health insurers can charge for their services, establish a baseline of minimum benefits for each policy, and make health insurance more affordable to low-income individuals through subsidies and other measures.

That’s a mouth full if you’ve never researched what Obamacare actually does and doesn’t do. So, if you choose an Obamacare-approved plan, it doesn’t mean the federal government will tell you when to see a doctor and how much medicine you can take. In the real world, when sick people need care as soon as possible, the entire point of Obamacare is health insurance reform – not health care reform – so it’s best to keep those facts in mind when shopping for health coverage.

How does Florida comply with Obamacare’s standards?

Basically, the ACA mandated that each state create a marketplace to bring down healthcare costs in general. Still, the catch is that the law says that states don’t necessarily need to make their own health insurance exchanges and can choose to use the federal marketplace instead. Indeed, Florida residents should know that their home state doesn’t operate an insurance exchange on its own, so their primary option for an Obamacare plan is to use Healthcare.gov.

The good news is that Florida health insurance comes with identical cost-sharing reductions available in other states, even though the federal government runs the Obamacare insurance markets. The takeaway for those who live in Florida is that they won’t get penalized for living in a state that uses the federal health exchange.

What’s included in an Obamacare health plan in Florida?

All health insurance policies in the U.S. must comply with the ACA’s minimum standard – 10 essential health benefits, which include the following items:

  1. Emergency room care
  2. Pediatric services, including dental and vision
  3. Lab services
  4. Prescription medications
  5. Mental health and substance abuse treatment
  6. Pregnancy and newborn care
  7. Ambulance costs
  8. Hospitalization costs
  9. Rehabilitative and habilitative services
  10. Preventative and wellness services

If an insurance policy doesn’t offer these benefits, it does not comply with Obamacare. There are catastrophic health plans available that don’t have all of these benefits, and they typically come at a lower price. But you’re taking a massive risk by not purchasing a plan with all of the ACA’s minimum requirements.

In the end, choosing a bare-bones plan could cost you much more out-of-pocket if you need more care than the policy allows. Honestly, the amount of money you can save through Obamacare’s subsidies is more attractive than saving a little bit of money month-to-month.

When you buy a quality health plan, you gain peace of mind knowing that you won’t go broke if you get sick or don’t have enough insurance to cover most costs. The problem in Florida is that you have to compare insurance quotes manually by going to each insurer since the federal government’s platform isn’t exactly easy to read.

Want to find affordable Florida Obamacare health insurance plans? Here’s how!

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to find the best Obamacare plans in Florida when you have the right tool in mind. Along those lines, ObamacarePlans.com has all of the information you need to make the right decision in one place – a complete platform to shop for and compare quotes and health policy benefits.

To begin finding insurance today, simply fill out a short questionnaire and add your basic contact information. Then, our website will show you all of the plans available in your area that are Obamacare-approved policies.

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