How to Apply for Obamacare

How to Apply for Obamacare

If you’ve never purchased health insurance, you have a few options: apply for Obamacare and take advantage of federal subsidies to offset the cost of insurance premiums, or find a plan on your own through a private insurance provider.

In the end, either way, it works, but the catch is that manually searching for private insurers can turn into a chore when you start clicking through websites one-by-one. Thankfully, there’s a better way to find health coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act’s minimum requirements.

Still, you’ll need to know what Obamacare actually means in the first place. Over the last decade, there’s been so much confusion about what’s in the ACA that it’s hard to find reliable information online. To provide you with a trustworthy resource, we built, and many consumers have already found affordable insurance through our platform.

In reality, the sign-up process is pretty simple, so here’s how to apply for Obamacare the easy way.

Why apply for Obamacare?

You may not know that the entire purpose of signing up for Obamacare is to take advantage of federal subsidies to offset the cost of insurance premiums. Depending on which “metal tier” you choose, you’ll receive a discount based on your household income, which can substantially slash the cost of insurance.

There really aren’t many drawbacks when you’re considering whether or not to apply for Obamacare health coverage. You don’t have to pay anything upfront to see quotes, and the information the government does ask for is the exact same information you’d have to give a private insurance provider.

You have nothing to lose, so why not see if you can qualify for more affordable health insurance?

Where did Obamacare come from?

In 2010, Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to reform how health insurance companies offer coverage and charge for services. Before the ACA became law, insurance companies were able to deny you if you had an unknown pre-existing condition, but now, you can’t be denied. Likewise, there was no limit to how much your insurance company could charge you out-of-pocket, but the ACA placed a cap on those expenses.

Those two features in the ACA are the most notable benefits to consumers, yet the law also established cost-saving programs to make insurance more affordable all around. The result is the website – the federal health insurance marketplace.

Signing-up for Obamacare during the open enrollment period

Anyone can use to find a plan that meets the ACA’s basic standards. Mainly, you can use it to search for an Obamacare plan, but you can also apply for services like Medicaid and CHIP through the federal health insurance marketplace.

The federal government has tried its best to make the sign-up process as simple as they could make it, so all you have to do is create an account and then fill out a short questionnaire. Just be sure to know the exact household income you claimed on your tax return because that figure will determine how much money you can save through subsidies.

Without a doubt, the federal marketplace works well. Still, there is one downside we have to mention: you can only sign up for Obamacare during specific times called the open enrollment period.

The purpose of designating certain times of the year to sign up for coverage is to give everyone a fair chance to find a health plan. It also provides the insurance companies a way to compete with each other for your business since they can adjust rates and benefits as the market changes.

The open enrollment period in 2021 has been extended, but typically, you won’t be able to sign up unless you meet specific criteria like losing your job. Without a doubt, the health insurance marketplace makes it easier than before to find health insurance, but it still takes time. That’s why our platform is the better choice when you need to find information about Obamacare quickly.

Visit to compare prices quickly

In the end, we want to make applying for health insurance as easy as possible when the next open enrollment period begins. The hard way to compare prices would be to visit the federal marketplace and manually compare policies one at a time, but using our online platform is much faster and far easier for those who’ve never purchased an Obamacare health plan.

At, you can view which ACA-certified health insurance policies are available in your home state, which makes it easy to compare benefits and prices in one place. After filling out your basic information like your birth date, gender, and household income, you’ll then complete a short health screening to finish the sign-up process.

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