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Of all developed nations in the world, America has the highest per capita spending for health care. According to a Johns Hopkins report, Americans spend 108% more than Canadians on health care. Even when compared to Switzerland, which held second place for health care spending, America’s per-capita spending was 25% higher. Statistics like these are why Obamacare was first introduced.

Thanks to the public health insurance assistance established by Former President Barack Obama, millions of Americans who never had access to health insurance now do. The program especially benefits lower to lower-middle-income families who likely have no other means of accessing affordable health insurance.

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One of the most ambitious aims of Obamacare was to lower the overall costs of health care. Whether the ACA actually achieved this has been under debate for some time. According to CNBC, the federal government pays for 90% of the Medicaid expansion expenses. In Connecticut, one of America’s most expensive states to call home, it reduced per-capita spending by almost 6%.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Medicaid expansion was so effective that states that once criticized the measure soon sought to join. Some of these states include Idado, North Carolina, Nebraska and Utah. The change of heart was partially influenced by changes to Obamacare made by the Trump administration.

To make the Affordable Care Act possible, Congress required all states to expand their state-run Medicaid programs. Some states saw this as an overreach of federal power. In 2012, the Supreme Court agreed. Subsequently, at least 14 states rescinded their Medicaid expansion. Some of those states include the following:

  • Georgia
  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Wyoming
  • Wisconsin

When Former President Trump succeeded Obama, he vowed to dismantle Obamacare. Several Democrat states responded to this threat by further expanding their in-state health care offerings. Most notable among them was California. The Golden State created Covered California and Medi-Cal. It then expanded its health care programs to include middle-income earners and undocumented immigrants.

Because of Obamacare, 20 million more Americans gained health insurance than before and so can you. Most of these people were small-business owners, minors and Black Americans.

What Are the Income Requirements for Obamacare?

The federal government puts income requirement guidelines in place based on family size. If your household income falls into a range from 100% to 400% of the poverty line for its size, you could become eligible for Obamacare. Here are some important points from the IRS that you should keep in mind before applying:

States often set different Medicaid limits from the federal government. For example, in California, households can earn more than 600% of the federal poverty line and still receive tax credits. This amounts to an annual income of $76,560 or more for a one-person household. Medi-Cal covers most people up to 138% of the federal poverty line, while Covered California may cover others.

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What Are the Benefits of Health Insurance?

If you are young and healthy, you might feel that Obamacare or any other health insurance plan is a waste of money. After all, even a $50 monthly premium amounts to $600 at the end of the year. If all you end up needing is an annual physical, paying for this out of pocket could cost you an average of $160. This is by no means a small fee, but it is still less than $600. So, why should you get health insurance?


Even healthy people can become ill or have medical emergencies. Consider, for instance, someone with liability-only car insurance who has an accident with a hit-and-run driver. Who would pay for medical expenses and mental health services in situations like these?

Preventative Care

When you have Obamacare, you can accept most preventative care recommendations with ease because carriers cover these. Examples might include pap smears, vaccinations, blood tests, cholesterol tests and blood screenings.

Child Care

If you have children in the home, you will find that the cost of health care can climb drastically. Growing children have more frequent recommended visits to the doctor and are often more accident-prone than other demographics.

Peace of Mind

During the global health crisis, even more Americans tried to sign up for Obamacare than usual. Unfortunately, the enrollment period had already passed, in some cases, and few people met the requirements to enroll outside of that period. President Joe Biden re-opened and extended Obamacare sign-up via a special enrollment period. This gave more Americans peace of mind.

Do You Still Need To Pay the Individual Penalty?

Another reason you should consider getting health insurance is that you may need to pay a penalty for not having it. Known as the individual mandate penalty or the shared responsibility penalty, this was an original provision of Obamacare at the federal level. A federal court later found that this was unconstitutional, but some states still have penalties for not having health insurance. Regions with this penalty in place use the funds to cover some of the additional expansions made to their Medicaid programs. Here are a few examples:

How Do You Get an Obamacare Plan?

Have you decided that an Affordable Care Act plan is the right choice for you? Even if you haven’t, there’s no harm in reviewing quotes to better inform your decision. Some people receive health insurance for free under Obamacare, while others pay as low as $30 per month. Are you ready to find out how much you could save by getting ACA health care? We’re ready to show you.