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The unemployment rate has reached an all-time high. Since April, it is estimated to be at 14.7%; compared to the 2.5% rate in the 50s, this is a drastic change. Due to the unforeseen costs of coronavirus treatments, other expenses, and future events, signing up for health insurance now is more important than ever. That’s where Obama care special enrollment can prove useful.

Signing up for health insurance now is more important than ever!


With the special enrollment period, users can procure an Obamacare plan or conduct any alterations to their current one after the Open Enrollment deadline. This plan can help cover outpatient, inpatient care, childbirth, emotional health, pregnancy, various doctor services, and more.

To obtain eligibility for Obama care special enrollment, it’s crucial to have experienced one of the following life events:

These events are also referred to as qualifying life events. Without them, users can't become eligible for receiving the plan. The special enrollment period often persists for 60 days and begins on the first day of the client's qualifying event. In some situations, however, (for example, the client loses their health coverage), they can enroll a maximum of 60 days prior to the event.

Additional Information

If you bought a plan within the Enrollment period, you would have to enroll once again throughout the Open Enrollment, regardless of whether you've kept the same plan. Furthermore, for clients who do become eligible, like it is the case with plans bought during Open Enrollment, the cost-sharing reductions and premium tax credit still remain available for the plans bought at the time of the Special Enrollment. 

To make sure you can qualify for the Special Enrollment, type in your zip code, and check your opportunities here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep in mind that any information you apply with must be verified. You are expected to attest to every detail and provide documents that will support your qualifications. These documents must be sent before the coverage is approved and applied.

People will need to upload their documents either by mailing physical copies or sending them online before making a payment. These documents attest to any life event. All the necessary instructions are displayed on the applicant’s eligibility result screen together with a notice they will receive in their mail.

It is important to select a plan and send the documents afterward. The start date will be determined based on the plan you selected. But, you would need to wait to receive approval of your eligibility before you can use that coverage.

All the prices and plans are based on the client’s income. But, to really make the most of the Special Enrollment Period, users need to know when to apply and other practical tips that may help them qualify. The deadline for the 2020 health insurance is on the 15th of December. The period started running on the 1st of November.

Even if people don’t become eligible for the Special Enrollment Period in 2020, they can still enroll in 2021 right away. The coverage begins on the 1st of January in 2021. Here are other tips that can prove useful when applying for coverage.

  • Changing a residence only to get medical treatment or travel doesn’t qualify you for special enrolment. Instead, you must provide adequate proof that you are moving from one place to the other to work and live there.
  • Clients can obtain eligibility if they or anyone else in their household has recently lost their qualifying health coverage or believe they will lose it in the next 60 days.
  • If you want to apply for coverage in a state that has its own Marketplace, that state could have a different enrollment period. It’s important to check with the state’s Marketplace before applying.
  • The enrollment window is limited. Clients typically have 60 days after an event. If you don’t get the coverage on time, you will need to wait for the next enrolment period.

To enroll, get in touch with a Marketplace Call Center and apply for the plan that best fits with your current budget. isn’t a federal or state Marketplace website. Instead, it is an autonomous health insurance marketplace. It will not sell insurance policies or supply quotes directly to clients. It’s neither an authorized insurance agent nor a broker. Thus, it doesn’t have an affiliation with exchanges.

Clients are advised not to send us any private, sensitive, or personal information on email or mail. These kinds of information will not be viewed as confidential and will be discarded. We comply with every standard based on 45 CFR 155.260 to provide ideal privacy and security to clients.

If there is any data displayed in your current state through the Marketplace website, this website may not show all that data on Qualified Health Plans. If you are interested in more details about your options on Qualified Health Plan, check out or the Marketplace website of your state.

The only way to find out is to determine eligibility and get a quote for your household or even just yourself !